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Eastern Residential Solutions is a respected full service residential roofing and exterior contractor in NEPA.  We are based in Jessup, PA but also service Scranton, Wilkes Barre, Hazleton, Allentown and all of Northeastern PA. We are a licensed and insured home improvement contracting company specializing in roof repair, roofing services, roof replacement, siding replacement, and gutter replacement.

At Eastern Residential Solutions, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction. Our goal on every project is to minimize the impact on our customers, by getting every job completed professionally, correctly and quickly, while also maximizing your investment, by using only the highest quality and best-backed materials in the industry. 

Eastern Residential Solutions is a division of Eastern Roofing Systems Inc, one of the largest most respected commercial roofing companies in the United States. (PA HIC# 017000). When you are in need of an experienced roofing contractor, Eastern should be your only stop.



Recent Projects

22 Square Roof Replacement on this home in Monroe Township, PA. Most of the house needed sheeting, there were 2 skylights to replace and the job was still done in less than 2 days! Shingles selected by the homeowners for this job were the Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration shingles in Harbor Blue.

Testimonial: I was very pleased with their service, very efficient and did quality work. They also cleaned up the area, took off all the debris away and follow up on any issues that I have. - Jim B.

Location: Monroe Township, PA
Type: Roof Replacement

Slatestone Gray was the color chosen for the roof on this church in Blakely, PA. Shingle area measured 49 square and had 2 existing layers on when we started. At the top of the steeple there was 2 square of flat roof that needed to be replaced with Polyiso topped with TPO. The shingle area was completed in 2 days and the flat roof area was completed in under a day and a half. 

Location: Blakely, PA
Type: Roof Replacement

Installed new siding, soffit, fascia and 7 new windows on this home in Scranton. Harvard Slate was selected to give this home a whole new look.

Location: Scranton, PA
Type: Siding and Window Replacement

The project on this home in Covington Township, PA had a little bit of everything! 3 Square porch roof torn off and replaced with OC Estate Gray shingles. White vinyl siding replaced, vinyl soffit and aluminum fascia installed and new seamless gutters built onsite and installed. The customer plans to do the under-porch areas in stone. What a difference so far! 

Location: Covington Township, PA
Type: Siding, Soffit, Fascia and Gutter Replacement

The project on this home in Scranton, PA had 21 square of shingle roofing, 4 square of flat roofing, all of the decking needed to be replaced and the gutters were all replaced with new seamless gutters that were built onsite. Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration Shingles in Chateau Green were selected for the steep slope and single ply .060 TPO over new 1" Polyiso board were installed on the flat roof areas.

Location: Scranton, PA
Type: Roof and Gutter Replacement

Full Tear off and replace on the main house and garage at this property in Lake Ariel, PA. Roof area totaled 64 square and the job was complete in 3 days. Driftwood was the shingle color selected for this home. 

Location: Lake Ariel, PA
Type: Roof Replacement

30 Square roof tear off and replace on this maintenance building in Waverly, PA. There were 2 old layers that had to come off and the building needed some sheeting. Job was completed in 1 day and the color selected was Estate Gray.

Location: Waverly, PA
Type: Roof Replacement

53 Square tear off and replace due to hail damage in Dickson City, PA. Job start to finish was done in 2 days, and the shingles selected were Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration in Driftwood.

Testimonial: It went excellent. They are the only company who called back when they said they would and started the work when they said they would. I found them to be extremely reliable and well prepared. They showed up, cleaned up, and did everything perfectly. I would highly recommend them to others. - Jo Anne M.

Location: Dickson City, PA
Type: Roof Replacement

39 Square full roof replacement on this home in Lakeville. Job was completed in just one day! Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration shingles in Desert Tan were selected to top off this home.

Location: Lakeville, PA
Type: Roof Replacement

Full asphalt roof tear off and replace on this home in Saylorsburg, PA. 30 square job done in less than a day and a half! Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration shingles in Teak were selected by the homeoner.

Location: Saylorsburg, PA
Type: Roof Replacement

22 Square tear off and replace on this home in Covington Township. The Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration shingles in Brownwood were selected. Job completed in one day and what a difference! 

Testimonial: Looks Good! Crew was very fast and the property was spotless after! - Marty P.

Location: Covington Township, PA
Type: Roof Replacement

28 Square asphalt roof replacement on this home in Clarks Green. Start to finish in in one day! Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration shingles in Onyx Black were selected for this roof.

Testimonial: It was impeccable as well as the workmanship. They were very very prompt, time conscious, super clean and my yard was left very neat. - Marisa E.

Location: Clarks Green, PA
Type: Roof Replacement

25 Square asphalt roof tear off and replace on this home in Scott Township. The Estate Gray Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration shingles look great on this house!

Testimonial: We couldn't be more pleased with our roof installation experience. Eastern Roofing was professional, extremely responsive, timely, fast, organized, and this was from the sales presentation to the order process to the installation to the clean up. Everyone was respectful and thankful and they kept everything prompt, neat and efficient as promised! I highly recommend Eastern Roofing to all who are seeking roofing needs. Thank you Eastern for your professional services!!! - Kim J.

Location: Scott Twp., PA
Type: Roof Replacement

Full roof tear off and replacement on this home in Uniondale, PA. The roof was 34 square, needed a bit of sheeting and a skylight replaced. Job was completed in 2 days. Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration shingles in Chateau Green were selected for this job. 

Location: Uniondale, PA
Type: Roof Replacement

Complete roof replacement including sheeting on this home in Carbondale, PA. The roof was 35 square with multiple layers to tear off and some of the steepest pitches you will see on a house. Job was completed in just over 2 days. Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration shingles in Estate Gray were selected for this project.

Testimonial: Excellent job done very quickly. From the salesman/job estimator down to the roofers and clean up crews, everyone did a great job. We were well informed as to what was going on, even when dealing with weather delays. Very responsive to concerns/feedback and all matters were handled quickly and professionally. - Brennan & Brennan

Location: Carbondale, PA
Type: Roof Replacement

28 sq Full tear off, multiple layers in spots, new OSB on entire roof. Top it off with Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration shingles in Colonial Slate. 

Testimonial: They did good work, all done in one day - Charles W.

Location: Jermyn, PA
Type: Roof Replacement

Completed a roof replacement on this home in Clarks Summit, PA. Roof measured 17 square, full tear off including a full replacement of all the sheeting and the job was completed in just over half a day. Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration shingles in Slatestone Gray were selected. More to come on this project! Eastern will also be replacing siding, soffit, fascia and gutters on this home. 

Location: Clarks Summit, PA
Type: Roof Replacement

Full roof replacement on this home in Scranton, PA. Roof measured 24 square, required all new decking and the job was completed in one day. Onyx Black was the color selected for the shingles on this house. 

Testimonial: The customer service provided by Eastern is second to none. From the first day you call for services until the day your project is completed you will feel like you are their only customer . Their project managers have no problem helping you navigate through insurance claims and ensuring you are getting a fair deal from your insurance company . They do not have to do this as they are getting paid the same amount regardless of insurance payment but their mission is to ensure the customer receives the reimbursement deserved. Our roof was complete in one day . The workers were wonderful on every level from expertise , to respect , and most noticeable even from afar is their hard working nature . Eastern’s standard warranty speaks to the quality of their work. Their warranty is so comprehensive that they would be out of business if their work was anything less than perfect. Thank you Eastern for giving is piece of mind and a beautiful roof - Lori T.

Location: Scranton, PA
Type: Roof Replacement




We offer a one of a kind in-home inspection and estimate process. We will make certain that you understand what your home needs, and all of the options you have.



Eastern Residential Solutions provides quality roofing, siding and gutter products installed by trained and experienced professionals.



Whether its hail, wind, water or tree damage, we will go the distance to provide a finished product you will be satisfied with and that you can rely on.



We install all products to exact manufacturers' specifications, ensuring that you get the most out of the product warranties. 50 years for Shingles. 60 years for siding.